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6 domain name registration tips

Domain names represent a site on world wide web. They are very important because whenever a visitor visits your website, Domain name is the first thing that he/she notices. If you are using proper branded domain name then chances will be high that he/she will revisit your site soon in future. Many peoples think that
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New Year Resolution 2013 – A Pen and a Diary

This is time to decide and share your New Year resolution but before that I would like to share my precious New Year moment with you all. When I was a kid, for me New Year was all about ‘Exchange Greeting Cards, New Calendar and most importantly a New Diary and Pen that my father
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Make Money Online Scam | E mail Scam | Internet Fraud and scam

  In today’s life one cannot imagine a life without internet because we are addicted to internet. We can complete our most of the task using internet from anywhere i.e. paying utility bills, money transfer, shopping, entertainment, business etc. As the use of internet increasing so Internet fraud and scams are also increasing with the
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Facebook Login page used by 400 million people everyday | Facebook Facts

1-      Facebook have more than 800 million active users (users who have returned to the site in the last 30 days). 2-      Around 400 million (50% of active users) users login to their Facebook account on any given day. 3-      Facebook support almost 70 languages. 4-      On an average, 25 million photos uploaded by people
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Will FaceBook be banned in India or not

“Should Facebook be banned in India or not”, from last couple of days, this is the hottest topic of discussion at every News channel and in News papers. I am using Facebook from last one and half year and I login to Facebook almost everyday. This is the medium for me to get updates about
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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Status Trend 2011 | Facebook Memology 2011

Status update is one of the most popular feature of Facebook. Most of the Facebook user update their status almost once in a day. Yesterday Facebook has released the list of Top 10 most popular status trends for different countries.   Top 10 Global Topics on Facebook   Top 10 Status Trends 2011 for India
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HDFC Internet banking – Forgot Password | Reset HDFC Net Banking Login Password

Most of us have faced this situation once or twice in life when wanted to use HDFC Internet Banking but somehow we forgot our net banking password. If you are using HDFC Internet Banking then you need not to worry when you forgot your net banking password. HDFC Bank is providing a secure way to
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25 Most Popular Websites in US – As per Alexa Ranking 2011

Hi All, In our series of Most Popular in 2011, today I am sharing the “Most Popular Websites in US – according to Alexa Ranking“. Here is the List: 1- Google ( 2- Facebook ( 3- Youtube ( 4- Yahoo! ( 5- Amazon ( 6- Wikipedia ( 7- Twitter ( 8- eBay ( 9-
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What is 3G Technology | How To use 3G | 3G Mobile

    What is 3G? Yesterday my father asked this question to me? I knew the technical definition of 3G but my father is not a technical person, he is a baker; so I tried to explain them about the 3G in a general user term. I have documented all the conversation between my father
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What is Internet banking | What is Online Banking | How to use it

Internet banking is a facility provided by banks so that we can do almost all type of daily banking transactions (like-Transfer Money to other accounts, Make Fix Deposit, Pay Bills, Generate bank Statement etc.) from home or office using Internet connecting and laptop/desktop. Some of you are thinking that why I have written this article?
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