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How to find top keywords – Keyword Research Tutorial

Hi All, We are almost in the ending phase of our ‘Online Blogging Course’ and I am very happy that not all but few of the course participants are regularly following my guidelines. Today I am sharing one of the most important and interesting topics of blogging – “Keyword Research” What is Keyword? Key +
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SheerSEO – Best SEO Software to manage all your SEO Activities

Online business (Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Blogging, ecommerce sites etc.) revolve around one power term, ‘SEO – Search Engine Optimization’. We all put lots of effort and money for SEO to get better ranking in SERP that bring more targeted user to your blog/website; more targeted user means more potential client and more potential client
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How to recover from Google EMD Exact Match Domain Algorithm Change Penalty

Hi All, 28th Sep 2012 will be known as another black Friday in the history of Web (for blog, websites, and online business owner) as Google has released another ‘Search Algorithm Change’. I am talking about ‘Google Exact Match Domain’ algorithm change. Google’s head of Search Spam Matt Cutts has given his weekend gift through
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Long Tail Keyword – Best keyword strategy to get better Ranking, Traffic and Money

Hi All, First of all thanks to all my readers for appreciating my efforts for my ‘Keyword Tutorials’. I am still getting lots of positive feedback on my blog, ‘in e-mail’ and on Facebook about my last two articles about ‘Keywords’. Keyword Tutorial – Basic Understanding of Keywords Keyword Tutorial – Hoe to Search Top
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Keyword Tutorial – How to search Top Keywords and How To use Keywords

Hi friends, I am really thankful to all my readers that they like my initiative to ‘help new Bloggers’ by providing ‘Blogging Tutorials for beginners’. I got a lots of positive response for my previous article – “What is Keyword – basic understanding of keywords”. In that article we have covered basic knowledge of ‘keyword’
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What is Keyword – basic understanding of Keywords

As Promised in my ‘Recent Change Updates’ article, I am starting blogging Tutorials that cover different areas of blogging and SEO. All my Tutorial will be start with Basic knowledge (As I have promised that I’ll provide more tutorials for blogging beginners) and gradually move to advance knowledge. I am starting with one of the
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SEO Tips-Is Having keyword in domain name really helps in top position in SERP

Hi All, I am starting a new series that will cover the actual facts about ‘SEO’, ‘blogging’ and ‘Online money making’. Now you are thinking that what is new in it, every other blogger doing the same. Let me explain, in this series I am not just writing tips or tricks. I am picking one
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Google Search a free keyword suggestion tool | SEO Tips

So friends, I am here again with a blasting blogging tips. Every blogger is crazy about only one thing and that is ‘Keywords’. Today I’ll share tips about ‘using Google search as keyword suggestion tool’. As we all knows that Google have the 67% share of total searches made on web, so if we target
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Fastest Rising and Falling Top Google Keywords 2011 – Global List | Google Zeitgeist

“Google”, It’s not only a search engine or website it’s a parallel web. There are two things on the web first is “Google Search” and second are “all the other websites available in World Wide Web “. Google has recently released he list of Top search keywords for different categories. Now you are curious to
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What people search most on Google | What people search in Google

  Every blogger and online market analyzer want to know “What people search in Google” or in other words “What people search most on Google”. They are more curious about most searched keywords so that they can write articles using these keywords to get more and more visitor from Google. We are talking here about
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