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Why your Google PageRank can decrease in next PageRank Update

I know you all are eagerly waiting for Google PageRank update and regularly having an eye on your PageRank meter. Well, last time I wrote an article, “Google decided not to update PageRank”. It was a pure fiction and I can bet that it was a first fiction article in SEO industry. I got lots
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Are we entering into a backlink less search world – Google to answer

In last one and half month I observed a change in blogging world that is giving me an indication that future of blogging will be almost backlink-less (or there will be no backlink concept). Why I am thinking so? I know most of you are not getting my point, let me explain it why I
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Google PageRank Penalty due to unnatural links via guest posts

Hi All, I just noticed an interesting discussion thread on ‘WebMasterWorld’ discussion forum. One of the forum members posted that “He has shared that he received a mail from Google through GMT (Google Webmaster Tool). Here is snippet from mail he got. Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links on Dear site owner
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Is Google PageRank loosing its charm against Domain Authority

In last couple of months I have noticed some trend change in online business world. Now people have started given value to ‘Domain Authority’ over ‘Google PageRank’. Does it mean that Google PageRank is losing its value against Domain Authority? Why I think so? I use to write ‘Paid Reviews’ also offer Guest Posting Service for different
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Google decided not to update Google PageRank

While surfing internet I found hundreds of article about ‘Google PageRank Update’. People in online business specially SEO, Webmaster, Blogger and ‘ecommerce site owners’ are very much interested in Google PageRank update. They do lots of effort to get high PageRank. Google update its PageRank database on quarterly basis (from last two year it is
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Google Spam – Are you Making your blog a spam blog

Recently Google shared an article about ‘How Google Search Works’. In that article they explained that they are fighting against spam (or spam websites and blogs) 24/7 so that they can provide better result to end user. I am sharing one portion from that article that is very useful to make your blog spam free
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Google Unnatural Link Penalty Message-Webmaster paying for link removal

Online world is really unpredictable and Google algorithm changes make it more unpredicted J I found one interesting thread on a webmaster forum. In this thread people are talking about the ‘Unnatural Link Notification from Google (GWT)’. I have recently posted an article about the notification message sent by ‘Google Webmaster Tool’ and in that
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Google Transferring links from old domain to new domain without 301

I noticed a really out of the box issue (at least for me it’s really strange issue) in Google Support forum. A website owner raised a concern. He had a domain in the past and then he bought a new domain. He don’t wanted to pass any link juice or link value from old domain
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Type of Webspam messages Google Sending to Webmaster Tools

[AAW9XUNXJ5X8]Hi All, Google Web spam Team Head, ‘Matt Cutts’ has released another video today (13 Feb 2013 – US time). This video is related to the type of message sent by Google Web Spam team to webmaster tools. ‘Kenechi Suzuki’ from Tokyo, Japan asked a question to Web Google spam Team “You’ve been sending us
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What are unnatural links? I got unnatural links message from Google

Google Web Spam Head ‘Matt Cutts’ released a new video (11-Feb-2013) in order to answer the question asked by one of webmaster. Dbizzle from Los Angeles asked an interesting question about “How do we know what are unnatural links pointing to our domain?” “Google Webmaster Tool says I have “Unnatural Links”, but give little help
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