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Why your Google PageRank can decrease in next PageRank Update

I know you all are eagerly waiting for Google PageRank update and regularly having an eye on your PageRank meter. Well, last time I wrote an article, “Google decided not to update PageRank”. It was a pure fiction and I can bet that it was a first fiction article in SEO industry. I got lots
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101 SEO Tips | All in one SEO Guide of 101 SEO Tips

Hi All, Today, I am trying to cover all my SEO knowledge into 101 SEO Tips. I am working on SEO and Search Engine based web applications since last 5 years. This article is essence of my SEO knowledge. 1-      SEO Stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is a process to optimize your website to
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SEO – From backlink building to link removal to Negative SEO

Hi All, I am in blogging since Aug 2011 (almost 2 years) but I am in search engine based web development since 2008. So you can say that I have around 5 years of experience about search engine and SEO. I started my blogging when everyone was busy in link building to get higher PageRank
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Does the on-page SEO benefit get transferred in a 301 redirect?

Hi All, I am here again with another interesting scenario that will create a twist in your SEO knowledge. I was roaming in a webmaster forum, suddenly I saw a discussion thread with an interesting question. “Suppose a site ‘A’ is ranking on #1 position in SERP for a term ‘SEO Tips’. Site ‘A’ has
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How to find top keywords – Keyword Research Tutorial

Hi All, We are almost in the ending phase of our ‘Online Blogging Course’ and I am very happy that not all but few of the course participants are regularly following my guidelines. Today I am sharing one of the most important and interesting topics of blogging – “Keyword Research” What is Keyword? Key +
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Are we entering into a backlink less search world – Google to answer

In last one and half month I observed a change in blogging world that is giving me an indication that future of blogging will be almost backlink-less (or there will be no backlink concept). Why I am thinking so? I know most of you are not getting my point, let me explain it why I
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Most Common SEO Mistakes – SEO Tips Part 3

Hi All, I am here again with some more information about SEO. This is part of my ‘Free Online Blogging Course’ and it is third article in my ‘SEO Tips’ series. In my first two articles about SEO (SEO Tips Part 1 & SEO Tips Part 2) we have covered some basic rules of SEO
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On Page Optimization – SEO Tips Part-2

Hi All, This is another article from my ‘Online Blogging Course’ and this is second in the series of ‘SEO Learning’. In my last article ‘SEO Basic – Part 1’ I explained brief about SEO, what is SEO and Why we need it? Now in this part I am covering ‘On Page SEO’ What is
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Learn SEO Tips online – Part 1 – Free Blogging Course

Hi All, Finally I have re-started my blogging course that was on hold due to exams of course candidates and I was also busy in my official tasks. We have completed 3 weeks till now and entering into 4th week. As scheduled I am starting next topic that is something everybody wants to master in.
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Google PageRank Penalty due to unnatural links via guest posts

Hi All, I just noticed an interesting discussion thread on ‘WebMasterWorld’ discussion forum. One of the forum members posted that “He has shared that he received a mail from Google through GMT (Google Webmaster Tool). Here is snippet from mail he got. Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links on Dear site owner
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