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How to blog like a delicious hot pizza – Blogging Tips

Being a blogger most of the time I am busy in relating real world things with blogging. Yesterday, I was eating Pizza and while eating pizza I was thinking why millions of people are crazy about pizza. I observed 5 important things about Pizza. If we apply to these 5 important attributed to blogging wisely
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Warm welcome to Nster: Next Generation Online Advertising

Concept of online advertising has evolved. Online market has become an incredible tool of global outreach for Bloggers, Webmasters and Marketers. I am going to talk about one of fastest growing and robust online advertising companies that you can use for free.  Nster provides high quality traffic using some unique home-made technologies. The special thing
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Domain Authority vs Visibility which one you prefer

Authority: In terms of webmaster, Authority means Domain Authority, Page Authority and Google PageRank of a blog/website. Visibility: Visibility denotes how many people read/see you article when it published on a particular website or in simple words readers count of a blog/website. Now today’s question is While writing a guest post for a blog/website what
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Top 5 attributes that make a site USEFUL in terms of content and UI

This is a quick short article which describes the Top 5 attributes of a website that makes it more Useful for readers in terms of content and UI. I give it a though and here is my observation. General Attributes that is applicable to any niche or any type of websites/blog Offer Unique Value –
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Why your Google PageRank can decrease in next PageRank Update

I know you all are eagerly waiting for Google PageRank update and regularly having an eye on your PageRank meter. Well, last time I wrote an article, “Google decided not to update PageRank”. It was a pure fiction and I can bet that it was a first fiction article in SEO industry. I got lots
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Directory submission tool – PHP Dir Submit Review

You have a website but struggling in getting traffic for it. You know all popular websites get more than 80% of their web traffic from search engines. To get a huge amount of traffic from search engines you need to have a strong backlink profile for your website because your backlink profile decides your ranking
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101 SEO Tips | All in one SEO Guide of 101 SEO Tips

Hi All, Today, I am trying to cover all my SEO knowledge into 101 SEO Tips. I am working on SEO and Search Engine based web applications since last 5 years. This article is essence of my SEO knowledge. 1-      SEO Stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is a process to optimize your website to
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SEO – From backlink building to link removal to Negative SEO

Hi All, I am in blogging since Aug 2011 (almost 2 years) but I am in search engine based web development since 2008. So you can say that I have around 5 years of experience about search engine and SEO. I started my blogging when everyone was busy in link building to get higher PageRank
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Does the on-page SEO benefit get transferred in a 301 redirect?

Hi All, I am here again with another interesting scenario that will create a twist in your SEO knowledge. I was roaming in a webmaster forum, suddenly I saw a discussion thread with an interesting question. “Suppose a site ‘A’ is ranking on #1 position in SERP for a term ‘SEO Tips’. Site ‘A’ has
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How to find top keywords – Keyword Research Tutorial

Hi All, We are almost in the ending phase of our ‘Online Blogging Course’ and I am very happy that not all but few of the course participants are regularly following my guidelines. Today I am sharing one of the most important and interesting topics of blogging – “Keyword Research” What is Keyword? Key +
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