Is Google PageRank loosing its charm against Domain Authority

In last couple of months I have noticed some trend change in online business world. Now people have started given value to ‘Domain Authority’ over ‘Google PageRank’.

Does it mean that Google PageRank is losing its value against Domain Authority?

Why I think so?

I use to write ‘Paid Reviews’ also offer Guest Posting Service for different clients. Earlier client usually selects the blog or website based on its PageRank but now they have started asking about the Domain Authority as well.

E.g. suppose you have two blog in same niche with similar traffic and PageRank. One of your blog has Domain Authority 20 and another one is having DA as 30 then Client would prefer the blog with DA as 30.

Now client has started focus more on Domain Authority.

They prefer a blog of PR-2 and DA-40 over a blog with PR-3 and DA-15.

Let’s try to understand behind the scene story.

Google PageRank

We all know that Google PageRank is a metric from Google that used to decide ranking of a website in search engine result page till 2007-08.

But as SEOs and webmaster started manipulating it; Google decided to lower its importance in search engine algorithm. Now Google PR is one the factor out of 200 factors that participates in deciding your rank in SERP but now it doesn’t affect your rank drastically.

Domain Authority

DA is a metric that is maintained by ‘SEOMOZ’; it is Seo Company that maintain various ranking metric to analyze the behavior of a website in Google search engine.

Google PageRank vs Domain Authority, What is Domain Authority, Google PageRank or Domain Authority

Where Google PageRank Lacking?

1-      It is calculated based on number of backlinks and quality of backlinks pointing to your domain but it doesn’t consider what content you are providing, how frequent you are publishing articles. A blank parked domain with dozen of backlinks from quality sites can get high PageRank.

2-      Google has lowered the importance of PageRank in search engine algorithm.

Positive points about Domain Authority

1-      SEOMOZ calculate the domain authority based on ‘MOZRank’, ‘MOZTrust’, ‘Number of Backlinks’, ‘Quality of backlinks’ and many other factors. It includes your content publishing frequency as well.

2-      SEOMOZ release it twice in a month that make it more valuable as compare to Google PR as it give more updated value of a domain.

PageRank vs Domain Authority

Although PageRank is having couple of weak points as compare to Domain Authority but even though Google PageRank has upper hand because

1-      Google PageRank is one of the factors that decide you’re your ranking in SERP.

2-      PageRank is a metric decides by Search Engine Giant – Google.

3-      PageRank covers larger portion of available websites/blog in web world as compare to DA.

Final words

For me it seems to be a competition between two well-known and well established metrics. Both have their own positive and negative points.

Next 1-2 year will decide which will take over another. Right now Domain Authority is picking up pace and Google have to make some adjustment to retain the value of PageRank in market.

Over to you

I know everyone has its own views and perception. Google PageRank and Domain Authority both are hot in market and it is a debatable topic that which one is leading.

What you think which one is more valuable now a day? Think in terms of Terms of Traffic, Ranking and business.

I am eagerly waiting for your thoughts on it.

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  1. rakesh kumar:

    This maybe true for paid review but whenever w will talk about serp results page rank will be the ultimate winner. Because google does not consider this as a ranking factor. Am i right ?
    rakesh kumar recently posted..LeGourmet – Complete Restaurant WordPress ThemeMy Profile

    • MaddyAcca:

      Wrong! websites with low pagerank also ranking good in search. SeoMoz’s D.A is just an estimate, but its near to real authority of a blog. Actually D.A and PR both are good to guess the worth of a blog but ranking depends upon your content’s quality and updating frequency of blog.

  2. Rahul:

    In our blogging career we have lots of confusion bro . but people like you solve our problems

    thanks for sharing this post. it is informative post bro.

    ~RAhul KAsgtap~
    Rahul recently posted..Acer Liquid E2 is now official with Android Jelly BeanMy Profile

  3. Dipra Sen:

    PR is the tool of spammer now. If you visit you you’ll be surprised that PR3, PR4 sites are on auction with just 1-5 links. On the other hand you can’t tamper authority.
    Dipra Sen recently posted..Top 5 Jobs for People Who Get Bored at WorkMy Profile

  4. Himanshu:

    PageRank will be history very soon. We all have obsession for PageRank but the truth is it hardly matters.

  5. Sai Krishna:

    No need of discussions, DA is the winner! lets celebrate 🙂
    Sai Krishna recently posted..How to Earn Money Online with Niche Sites 2013My Profile


    I think we will need to consider both DA & PR.You made a an informative post Sandeep.Thank you
    REKHILESH ADIYERI recently posted..The Secret of Getting Buyer Traffic to Your Fiverr Gigs!My Profile

  7. rohit chugh:

    i got your all points sir…which want to explain but i have one confusion. if we are not using seomoz than what is the method to find any domain authority…………let me know………….thanks for sharing differences between gpr and da……….
    rohit chugh recently posted..Some Pros and Cons of Buying Links for Blog or WebsiteMy Profile

  8. himanshu:

    I heard this term today only first time and understand points where to focus on. Nice post dude.
    himanshu recently posted..Ways to improve iphone battery lifeMy Profile

  9. Rahul:

    Google PR is certainly losing its authority it used to have, but it’s still one of the important factors in 2013.
    Rahul recently posted..15 Killer Ways To Create High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog InstantlyMy Profile

  10. Taswir Haider:

    You are right Sandeep that DA is taking its position at a pace and whenever I check my Domain Authority at OpenSiteExplorer I get myself charmed seeing its increasing! I currently have 35 DA with PR1 where I believe that Google PR is just like a overrated system.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..Google PageRank Update History TimelineMy Profile

  11. Sarvesh Darak:


    Yeah i agree with your points google pagerank is loosing its charm against DA, As we can we most of the buyers or advertiser first considering DA for advertising or link selling.

    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..Google Glass and Augmented Reality: Seeing the FutureMy Profile

  12. The confusion, scramble and quest for dominance will never end. Google keeps changing it algorithms now and then and keeps everyone guessing, what next?
    This flow from one metric to the other makes the competition more interesting. It used to be SEO and Google pagerank; now it is domain authority. We are in a theater of fun. When everybody begins to drift in one direction, Google suddenly changes the rules because they are enjoying the whole thing and stamping their authority.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Business Success Guide Launches Free Classified Ads WebsiteMy Profile

  13. Tushar:


    Now i got it, Most of advertiser are giving first preference to domain authority as i think the PR has loosing its charm against it.

    We should wait to see the next move from google.

    thanks for sharing.
    Tushar recently posted..List of latest smart-phones that fully compatible of 4G technologyMy Profile

  14. Pranjal B:

    No, Pagerank is always unique. It will always keep its charm.
    Pranjal B recently posted..Yahoo! and Chitika Team Up to Monetize Desktop and Mobile SearchMy Profile

  15. Ahsan:

    Domain authority & Page Rank both have unique feature. But I still think everyone gives priority to Page Rank
    Ahsan recently posted..Looking For Best PDF Editor For Mac? Check iSkysoft PDF EditorMy Profile

  16. Rina:

    Google PageRank is a measurement that is given directly by Google. I think google pagerank will remain special and enchanting for most bloggers
    For a review program I agree with you, it could be someday it will all depend on the value of domain authority which measurement is more perfect than the google pagerank
    Rina recently posted..How To Create Free Banner Ads For Website Using Slideshow HTML And jQueryMy Profile

  17. Rishidevdas:

    Pagerank is a dying star whereas DA is the new galaxy in the making. I trust DA for my own SEO strategies but PR has always been my infatuation. Alas this time Google did not update the PR, been waiting for long. Nice article.
    Rishidevdas recently posted..PageRank Vs Domain AuthorityMy Profile