Google decided not to update Google PageRank

While surfing internet I found hundreds of article about ‘Google PageRank Update’.

People in online business specially SEO, Webmaster, Blogger and ‘ecommerce site owners’ are very much interested in Google PageRank update.

They do lots of effort to get high PageRank.

Google update its PageRank database on quarterly basis (from last two year it is updating PR regularly on quarterly basis).

So people are predicting that next Google PageRank update will be in first or second week of May 2013.

Most of my blogger friends have done lots of link building through different ways to get high PR this time.

They are regularly having an eye or PR Tools and updates from different sources about Google PR update.

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While thinking all about PR and craziness of people about it a naughty thought came into my naughty mind.

What will happen if Google decide not to update Google PageRank?

I know you guys want to kill me after reading above line but friends it’s my imagination and there is no control on my imagination.


So just give a thought to it.

There will be different reaction from different people.

Backlink Seller – They will be the happiest person after reading this news; because they have made lots of money in last 3 months (since they get High PR) by selling backlink and now they were thinking that Google will lower their rank this time.

But if Google decides not to update PageRank then these people will celebrate it like a festival as their PageRank will remain same till next update and they can fetch some more dollars through link selling.

Newbies- It will be shocking news for them as after entering into online world the first term they heard was Google PageRank.

Newbies are most excited people for Google PageRank; for them having a PageRank from Zero to PR-1 is like having their first salary.

It will be a demotivating factor for some newbies who thinks that no PR means no success.

SEO and Webmaster- It will be a discussion topic for them. Few people will share their research analysis on it.

Few big player in ranking industry will start their own ranking system to give you an idea what could be your ranking this time.

Value it but not obsesses for it

I know it feels good when you see that long green bar for your domain but it is not good to be obsessed for it.

PageRank is a way to show others how valuable your website is; but it is not the only way to decide authority of a website/blog.

If you are regularly providing natural, useful, unique and fresh content to your user then all other things will come automatically with it.

Google updates PageRank Regularly

Google updates your PageRank on regular basis (almost daily) but it release it for public once in a quarter; otherwise SEO and webmaster start guessing Google Algorithm by regularly watching PR changes.

So this was my naughty thought, I know after reading my title you were about to get a heart attack; I am really sorry for that.

Over to You

I really want to know your first reaction after reading the title of my article? Please share it with us. It will be a fun.

I am wishing all the best to all of you for next Google PageRank Update.



  1. Akhil Pulotil:

    You really got a VIRAL title for today’s post 😛
    Surely, most bloggers will get a mini heart attack when they read your post title 🙂

    Keep Posting 😀
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted..3 Things To Know Before Applying For Google Adsense On Your Blog !My Profile

  2. krishnaTORQUE:

    If google PR is not longer then people will look for alexa, mozrank or others.
    My question is – I am new blogger and my site age is more than 5 months but still I didn’t get PG. What should I do? I am getting 1000+ visitors per day.
    krishnaTORQUE recently posted..Simple Van MaintenanceMy Profile

  3. Sai Kumar:

    Hi Sandeep, Awesome article bro!! By reading the title in Facebook i was really shocked and after reading the complete post i was relaxed because we bloggers are eagerly waiting for PR update. BTW!! Very nice post bro…Thanks for Sharing 🙂
    Sai Kumar recently posted..Giveaway #4 : 3 Free Premium VPN Accounts from KepardMy Profile

  4. Pawan:

    The title grabbed my attention. Hehehe! You’re good at imaginations. 🙂
    Pawan recently posted..AlYoum – Retina Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Srikanth:

    Hi Sandeep Sir,
    Well, you made feel sad by the title. Because i am seriously preparing to get my 1st PR Update. Innovative title to grab attention !! BTW Nice post to read 🙂
    Thanks for Sharing
    Srikanth recently posted..Revised Facebook Logo Made officialMy Profile

  6. I was shocked reading the title… but you successfully tricked me to read the entire article LOL. By the way I totally agree with your points. Thanks for sharing!
    Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted..28 Awesome Ways to Save Your Time For More SuccessMy Profile

  7. Neha:

    Hi Sandeep, your titles are very catchy so readers directly redirect their mind to your site’s articles really great article thanks for tips.
    Neha recently posted..IRCTC LoginMy Profile

  8. Anil Kumar:

    I am a newbie blogger, first i was shocked coz worked very hard building links last three months. 🙁
    May be google updates pr in the seocond week of May

  9. lifted websites:

    Looks like we are not the only ones you got to click this article when using Twitter search to find the next update. Funny how leaving two words out of the title “what if” can make all the difference..
    lifted websites recently posted..What Happens to Sites that Buy or Sell Links?My Profile

  10. Imtiaz Ali:

    The title was really amazing as I was thinking really Google has decided not to update Page Rank, but I’m relax now…Have a look at my article about Google PR update May 2013 🙂
    Imtiaz Ali recently posted..Google PageRank Update May 2013: Tips for BloggersMy Profile

  11. Moin Ramiz:

    remember quality not quantity in matter of backlinks.
    Moin Ramiz recently posted..ZTE Director Specifications and PicsMy Profile

  12. Kabenlah Cudjoe:

    Over to me? Even though I’m someone who isn’t all that interested in pagerank, this header caught my attention 100%.
    As this is coming from your imagination, I can’t simply say much!
    Kabenlah Cudjoe recently posted..Top Earning Blogs-Where is Yours?My Profile

  13. Janmejai:

    While i was on the homepage,i thought you are serious and google is not going to update it…Lots of people say that PR doesn’t matters but seriously it matters a lot…and most importantly to new bloggers…
    Janmejai recently posted..Top 10 Hindi Songs-WeeklyMy Profile

  14. Gaurav:

    Well, I am a newbie and u did scare the hell outta me sandeep. Mind helping me out with this PR thing. Please do. Thanks!
    I like your imagination though 😉
    Gaurav recently posted..Indian Premier LeagueMy Profile

  15. Asif Khan:

    Just like most of the others, I too came here after looking at the title. I was like, “what!!!” and then “OH!!!” after reading the article.

    This post is a perfect example of using catchy titles to grab readers attention.
    Asif Khan recently posted..Adsense Account Disabled, What To Do Now?My Profile

  16. Bipul Khan:

    Just get shock reading the post title, anyway nice scaring joke 🙂
    Bipul Khan recently posted..10 Great Tips to Increase Google Page Rank QuicklyMy Profile

  17. Kashyap Shreepathi:

    That mini heart attack after reading the title of the post… Phew!
    Kashyap Shreepathi recently posted..SoftHD Theme For iPhone Brings A Breathtakingly Vibrant UIMy Profile

  18. asghar paracha:

    I will ki*ll you hahahahahah got a fantastic title for your blog post, great
    asghar paracha recently posted..Official Google Zebra Update is Going to be AnnouncedMy Profile

  19. Ashok Kumar:

    Sandeep, Really shocking title man, when i read the title am going to mad. I have recently setup a blog. but after read whole article am feeling nice.
    Ashok Kumar recently posted..Top Five important plugins must haveMy Profile

  20. Nirmala:

    Tricky post? Created for the blog owners to stay till end of your post?

    Its nice! I didn’t created back-lines artificially. Simply worked with passion with my new born blog and waiting for the PR.

    Good post Sandeep, Whatever may be the PR, I continue to work with same dedication and effort 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted..Why bloggers should take part in blogging communities?My Profile

  21. Abdur Rakib:

    People do hard works to increase their Page rank. But if Google stop updating PR then people will focus on other things like alexa rank…..
    Abdur Rakib recently posted..What is Linkbait, and How Can You Write It?My Profile

  22. Aditya Dey:

    Your title is really shocking…It has pushed me to read the full article….Any way I think Google’s PR update is just around the corner…..Our wait has almost finished….As we are already in May 2013.
    Aditya Dey recently posted…
    Aditya Dey recently posted..Samsung Likely to Start Manufacturing Galaxy S4 in IndiaMy Profile

  23. Cool guess Sandeep. But i dont agree with you. Because Google is working on new pr update. Everyday the keyword ranks are changing. This Google pr is on the way. Thanx for your ideas.

  24. Antoni:

    I almost had a heart break when i saw this heading.. Wanted to see how my 1st PR would be. LOL… Mind relaxed after reading the whole post…
    Antoni recently posted..Useful Tips On Choosing A Responsive Domain NameMy Profile

  25. Adam Gibson:

    Haha I clicked onto this article directly down to the title. Nice Link Bait 😉
    Adam Gibson recently posted..Sky Movies app complements existing servicesMy Profile

  26. Kedar Lasane:

    Very Enjoyable Post.but very Sure Google update their pagerank in may 2013

  27. Top News:

    Hahah! Definitely the best article i ever read. This would be a perfect 1st april joke. 🙂 The problem is that i believed when i read it at first time. Now it is OK. 😛 I tried to gettin’ informations about may 2013 update, because it is close to happen, and than actually find this article. 😛 Keep it up, cool post, unique joke!

  28. Dhruv Bhagat:

    Seriously, It was kinda heart attack! 😛

    Anyways, this is just an awesome article 🙂
    Dhruv Bhagat recently posted..IM John Chow Review – Earn Living From HomeMy Profile

  29. jackman:

    While i saw your title i felt sad and finally while completing the full article i got the real Ideas in the way of building the site Nice article thanks for the share.

  30. bobit:

    i think google will update it on June

  31. That title really did scare me… All my work would’ve been wasted!
    Rushikesh Kulkarni recently posted..Theme Setup For iPhone and iPod touchMy Profile

  32. Taswir Haider:

    Ha ha. Good one bro. You are thinking that you gave a naughty thought, but I don’t think it. Because last month somewhere on a reputable source like Seobook or SearchEngineJournal I read that Google PR is going to diminish in the coming year and Google in turn will rather weigh the site in a metrics. So this is also possible!
    Taswir Haider recently posted..Hostgator 30% Off Discount Coupon CodeMy Profile

  33. Archana:

    no update yet.. hope your imagination doesnt come true
    Archana recently posted..Dan Brown – The Author of Symbols and CodesMy Profile

  34. Kushal Azza:

    People of different facebook group are posting that it will be updated on 6th of this month. I think it will be in this month.
    Kushal Azza recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews – Most Feature Rich super phoneMy Profile

  35. Jijin Mohan:

    Google page rank lost it’s charm over domain authority. But still crusual for bloggers to get advertisers and exposure. Anyway waiting for the update, fingers crossed!
    Jijin Mohan recently posted..Top 3 Apps To Boost The Battery Life Of Your Android PhoneMy Profile

  36. ubaid:

    I’m not a true believer of page rank. I just believe a website should have good SERP ranking. Page rank is nothing in my point of view.
    ubaid recently posted..40 Beautiful Landaing Page HTML TemplatesMy Profile

  37. Chiranjeev:

    I just shocked to see the title you have used for the above post. Really eye catching Headline. Well written, Any way, I am waiting for this PR Update eagerly.
    Worth reading. Thanks,
    Chiranjeev recently posted..How to add Facebook Pop Up Like box to BloggerMy Profile

  38. Hello Sandeep,
    I have read your blog when i have seen you post on fb i really shocked at that moment but I was relax when i have read whole article. Nice article really i m impressed.. Thanks for Sharing this information….

    Shivender Kumar(Sr. SEO Analysis)
    Shivender Kumar recently posted..ROR Sitemap for Profile

  39. Sona:

    When I googled out “google pagerank may 2013” your post pops up and I was shocked but thank god it was just an imagination. My blog is on pr 2 for last two years so this time I am eagerly waiting

  40. If Google decides not to do a Pagerank update, there would definitely be great tension in the blogosphere. The next fear in everyone’s mind would be whether Google wants to scrape PR like they did to iGoogle, Google reader and the rest. The fear of losing their monetary investments would also come in. SEO companies would be thrown into panic because their means of livelihood would then be threatened.

    However, those who have a lot to do in terms of cleaning up their messy houses would celebrate as it would give them ample opportunity to get things in order before the next updates.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Business Success Guide Launches Free Classified Ads WebsiteMy Profile

  41. Looking at the trends, Google use to update PR atleast 5 or 6 times but recently they have decreased the frequency. It was updated only once in 2010 and 2012 four times.

    Can’t actually predict things from Google!

  42. Vin DiCarlo:

    Your Post Title Attract Me To Read This Post, Amazing Title you have choose.
    Vin DiCarlo recently posted..Free CMS Installation ServiceMy Profile

  43. Aamir Lehri:

    I am waiting for my website page rank update
    Aamir Lehri recently posted..Acer Unveils Aspire R7 LaptopMy Profile

  44. Shyam Sunder:

    You got it wrong man.Google will not be confirming Panda updates anymore.There will always be changes in PR.Google has also changed their algorithm.Now,there all the paid backlink will be taken down and a lot more like this to get genuine search results.
    Shyam Sunder recently posted..How To install whatsapp in PCMy Profile

  45. If this happened, you will be known as PR predictor 😀
    Sandeep Chaudhary recently posted..Methods to cool a room in summer: Without ACMy Profile

  46. ambarish:

    I am expecting a pageRank 1 for one of my blog. Fingers crossed.

  47. Mian Anas:

    This was very naughty thought . . . Really . . .Once i was very dis-pointed after reading title . . .
    Mian Anas recently posted..Windows 8 ActivatorMy Profile

  48. Aman Verma:

    I think google will update pagerank in JUNE first week..with a no…Penguine..nops…Elephant update.. (This is my naughty thought..)
    Aman Verma recently posted..Stylish Social Subscription Box for BloggerMy Profile

  49. Brown Williams:

    You have surely hit a raw nerve right there. When you talk about the Google page rank and Google update then shivers run down the spines of many bloggers. You have shared many ideas that are worth taking away as tips.
    Brown Williams recently posted..About Our Premium Custom Writing Services, Buy Papers from UsMy Profile

  50. Ahsan:

    When I read the post title, I feel terribly worried. But when I read details, I understand the inner meaning. I think the next Page Rank update will come in June.
    Ahsan recently posted..Looking For Best PDF Editor For Mac? Check iSkysoft PDF EditorMy Profile

  51. Dheeraj:

    When i read your Post Title Iwas Shocked but I was relax when i have read whole article. but thank god it was just an imagination. Nice article really i m impressed. Amazing Title you have choose.
    Dheeraj recently posted..Solution Google Only Indexes 26 URLs In Blogspot Blog 2013My Profile

  52. Nehru Place:

    First of all thanks a lot for sharing such a nice article. Yes PR should not be bothered much… Content is king… But still PR tells about the quality of a website or blog …
    Just Post good content and enjoy….

  53. Mukesh:

    Your naughty thought might be create havoc for newbie and this post is not for light heart blogger…..please…… but by the way tricky post by author 😉

  54. Blogging tips:

    I strongly agree with you, High PR does not guaranty that your website will rank higher, it just a way to show your website importance.. I have seen many PR 0 ranking higher then PR 3 or PR 4 websites… Even my website have PR 0 but have good traffic and many of its results are higher then PR 4 websites..
    Blogging tips recently posted..The Top 5 Best WordPress Emoticon PluginsMy Profile

  55. Leamistad:

    pagerang update didnt come in turkey. I are looking forward to update it 🙂 and we dont know when will update.

  56. Himanshu Negi:

    Hello Sandeep,

    I am eargrly waiting for PR update from the beginning of this month, may but still no updates. Now I fear if your imagination is going to be true…

  57. Proma:

    I’m trapped with your post title, ingenious idea.

  58. Geek Tips:

    Looks like your imagination is happening, it’s Mey, 19, there is no signs of PageRank update.

  59. Nandita B.:

    A GOOD Funny Post about Google Page Rank.

    Thanks 🙂
    Nandita B. recently posted..Google PR Updates In 2013My Profile

  60. Rina:

    I’m a fanatical blogger with google pagerank and even currently making special tool for the prediction of google pagerank. If google decided not to update Google PageRank, I definitely get frustrated.
    Hopefully what you write is not going to happen
    Rina recently posted..How To Create Image Slideshow For Website Using HTML And jQueryMy Profile

  61. mokami:

    mind blowing imagination,while reading post title i was shocked at once but now i feel good hehehehe, best sharing bro.
    mokami recently posted..Best 4 Tips To Build Quality Backlinks For Your BlogMy Profile

  62. Inoze:


    Just waiting to june and pagerank coming

  63. Nithin Upendran:

    Well Said bro!Increment in page rank is very exciting for newbies like me.I hope my page rank will update in the coming update.Thanks for providing the estimated date of update,so that i can buckle up my blog for the update! 🙂
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..BEGINNERS GUIDE FOR OVERCLOCKING GPUMy Profile

  64. Tamanna:

    Ten days of June has passed, still there is no PR update. I think your imagination gonna be true 🙂

  65. Ankush Katiyar:

    Nice champ…Really attention gaining title. Still waiting for Google Page rank update.
    Ankush Katiyar recently posted..Guaranteed asked Java Interview QuestionsMy Profile

  66. PrIyAnGsHu:

    Man, I couldn’t resist myself to read out this post once I saw it being shared on Facebook. However, I’m really depressed after reading the post as you are providing misconception about the PR update (completely different content as compared to the title). Not a good way to make a post go viral. Well, I’m not being offended, but just sharing my view.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Tips for Successfully Running a Small Family BusinessMy Profile

  67. Raunak:

    Dear It is soon going to be update May be in the last week of June or 1st Week of July……

  68. jawara:

    thanks u, for information, im new in blog,,..

  69. Great article . As a newbie I can identify with the new obsession of PR. No doubt it will pass as soon as the PR update passes