Top 2 SEO Tips shared by successful bloggers

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I usually write about SEO because it is my favorite topic in blogging. A right ethical approach of SEO can put your blog on the top of SERP.

I have a lots of bloggers friends who have already made a remarkable position in their respective niche. Their articles get TOP position in SERP as soon as they publish it. I thought I should try to know what SEO techniques they are following to get better position in SERP.

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Here I am sharing TOP 2 SEO Techniques followed by these successful bloggers.

Ileane Smith

Blog  – BasicBlogTips

Alexa  Rank –  13K (12892)

Google PageRank – 5

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Ileane

1-      ‘SEOPressor’ plugin to optimize her articles.

2-      She use Images from ‘iStock’ and use them for optimization.

Secret Tips from Ileane- “I check Google Webmaster Tools to see what Google likes to send me traffic for – then I try to write more of it”.


Amit Shaw

Blog – ITechCode

Alexa Rank – 17K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Amit

1-      Keyword Research and Better on page Optimization, Using your selected keyword on proper place.

2-      Build Some Backlink from authority blog with Suggestive Keyword not Main Keyword


Atish Ranjan

Blog – TechTricksWorld

Alexa Rank – 26K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Atish

1-       If you ware targeting 2 keywords then try to put one in the title and other one in the URL. In this way you can target 2 keywords in a better way… but place it in a way that looks natural 

2-      Content must be good and not stuffed with so many keywords.

Secret Tips by Atish- Title and description must be in character limits; suppose you are exceeding the limit and your keyword comes at the last which gets trimmed by Google then you will not benefitted So it’s good to have title and description in character limits


Rahul Kuntala

Blog – LearnBlogTips

Alexa Rank – 29K

Google PageRank – 1

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Rahul

1-      Know your potential keywords before writing even a single word on your post.

2-      Don’t force your keywords into post to rank high.


Mairaj Pirzada

Blog – GuidePlease

Alexa Rank – 40K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Mairaj

1-      Use low competition keyword and most searched keyword as your focus keyword using Yoast’s plugin for SEO. Use Google Keyword Tool to choose the keyword to focus on.

2-      Try to put your focus keyword earlier in your SEO title, because search engines prefer it and searchers too. But, don’t go and try to please search engines merely as readers are preferred over search engines.


Amrik Virdi

Blog – MonetizeBlogging

Alexa Rank – 42K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Amrik

1-      I do basic On-page SEO techniques such as: Keyword positioning, Keyword density, Internal links, Optimizing Image Alt text, Usage of Rel=”nofollow” attribute for advertisements and affiliate links, Limiting the external or outgoing links within the page etc.

2-      Keyword Research: It’s very important to choose right keyword with right density.


Saad Naeem

Blog – SeoAllRounder

Alexa Rank – 49K

Google PageRank – 2

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Saad

1-      Guest Blogging  to get quality backlinks

2-      Commenting on others blog to get good backlinks

Secret Tips from Saad- “Facebook has helped me a lot in getting backlinks , whenever I solve issue/query of a blogger on Facebook they do give me a link in their blog and I really appreciate it, so never say no to them when they come again for help.”


Kulwant Nagi

Blog – BloggingCage

Alexa Rank – 66K

Google PageRank – 2

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Kulwant

1-      Keyword in URL

2-      Keyword in Title


Ramandeep Singh

Blog – TechClap

Alexa Rank – 90K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Ramandeep

1-      Keyword Density

2-      Content Quality


Sumoni Hfg

Blog – HomeForGeeks

Alexa Rank – 93K

Google PageRank – 3

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Sumoni

1-      Easy WP SEO plugin to optimize his articles

2-      Social bookmark on sites like stumble upon reddit etc


Harneet Bhalla

Blog – PostFever

Alexa Rank – 100K

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Harneet

1-      Keywords in H1, H2 and H3 HTML Tags.

2-      Keyword Density


Raaj Trambadia

Blog – MyBlogIsMyMoney

Alexa Rank – 143K

Google PageRank – 2

Top 2 SEO Tips followed by Raaj

1-      Keep keyword density of about 2%

2-      Use keyword in header and use interlinking wherever possible

 If you are looking for more SEO Tips and Articles then read one of my favourite article written by my friends and fellow blogger Chris Madej 35 Traffic and SEO Tips and Articles

Now It’s your turn, share your top two SEO techniques with us using comment and If we find that interesting then we will add your SEO Tips with your blog details in the above list.


  1. Mairaj Pirzada:

    Sandeep bro,
    That’s called Fantastic! Thanks for the kind mention, loved others tips… But, why didn’t you add you own tips about SEO? You’re a good SEO consultant and have the potential to write those special tips that helps you rank well… I’d love hearing them!
    More importantly than optimizing on-page SEO is;
    CONTENT IS.” – Brian Clark
    Quality matters. Communication matters. Appearance matters. Optimization matters when Quality exists!
    Optimize freely, nobody is there stopping YOU…
    But saying, do optimize when you think your content is QUALITY! When it helps, it adds value, it’s valuable, do optimize when you think it’s good enough and can attract natural links.
    Don’t go and build links, but go and try to convince others to link to YOU… Guest blogging, commenting is of course, a good way to build links but they aren’t the ways that are needed here… We’ve to comment and guest blog for quality links always, right? But, if the same time that you spend on guest blogging or commenting is spent on engagement… It’s all over… Then you don’t have to worry of authority links, they’ll take time to appear… But will be! Natural links are those that are linked automatically (when you don’t try to make it happen), they aren’t ones that are linked through guest blogging or commenting…
    Earning links from big sites by guest blogging is easy.
    But, earning natural links from big sites because of the work you’ve done is SUPERB!
    Mairaj Pirzada recently posted..Generating Post Ideas When You’re Stuck – 21 Ways to Find Ideas!My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thaks Mairaj bro for your valuable and elobrative comment. In this mail I was wanted to share SEO Tips followed by other successful bloggers that’s why I haven’t added my points here but I think I should add my Points here as well. Thanks for motivating me.

    • Techboy Rocky:

      Sandeep I love the way you have presented important tips from many blogger friends together.. I have gone through all the important SEO tips written in this article and now I am going to follow few of them. This save my lot of time as I have got so many tips together.
      Techboy Rocky recently posted..LG Optimus G ReviewMy Profile

      • sandeep:

        Thanks Rocky bro for visiting my blog. I really appreciate that you have shared your feedback about the article.
        Thanks once again.

  2. sandeep kumar dan:

    All bloggers name you have mentioned here all are my mutual friends and all are very enthusiastic to blog, really an awesome article you are sharing.As we all know SEO is the main key to get success in web world,
    thanx for sharing. 🙂
    sandeep kumar dan recently posted..5 Important points about why should you care about your blog designMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Sandeep bro (Sandeep vs Sandeep 🙂 ). I think it is your first visit on my blog so Welcome to my blog. I am waiting more such motivational comments from you.

      • sandeep kumar dan:

        sandeep vs sandeep 🙂 it should not be “Vs” it should be a start of frndsp, and yes i am a newbie blogger i am just starting my blogging career, thanks for your such a beauty reply.
        Thanks again for a such compact SEO tips from all famous bloggers
        thank you
        sandeep kumar dan
        sandeep kumar dan recently posted..5 Important points about why should you care about your blog designMy Profile

        • sandeep:

          Thanks bro…..I am always here to help you….

  3. Raaj Trambadia:

    Thanks for the mention Sandeep. The compilation looks great. Cheers
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..How To Make Money Using Social MediaMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Raaj for your valuable comment bro. Thanks for appreciation.

  4. Kulwant Nagi:

    Thanks for mentioning my tips but I was not aware that you are asking for the post otherwise I would have given some more tips.
    Kulwant Nagi recently posted..The Importance of Quick Responses on Social MediaMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Hi Kulwant bro…. thanks for your comment. Bro if you want to add more in your SEO tips then send me. I’ll update it.

  5. Chris:

    Hi Sandeep,
    great work – all tips in one place.
    IMHO tips from Amrik and Amit are most important.
    And I’ll add one more tip – social signals are very important these days 😉
    Chris recently posted..Win 100$ in Cash and More – First Contest On!My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Hi Chris bro…. thanks for sharing your valuable feedback and SEO Tips with us……. I am writing another post on same format but with different topic. I want your input on that.

      • Amit Shaw:

        Hey Chris Thanks. Glad your Liked it. BTW I am really Surprised that Sandeep bro Mention our Chat on a Article 🙂
        Yeah agree with you. Social Sharing is must . . . Its really helps a article to get good SERP Ranking.
        Amit Shaw recently posted..Review For Immediate List Building Pro: A New Ammo For The BloggersMy Profile

        • sandeep:

          Thanks Chris and Amit for making this conversation interesting…. and Amit bro you deserve to be here that’s why you are here…

          Happy Blogging … keep Blogging

  6. Sony Goraya:

    nice tips by all bloggers i like it 🙂
    Sony Goraya recently posted..Top 5 Best Tools for SEOMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Sony bro for sharing your feedback.

  7. Yogendra Sharma:

    A very comprehensive list prepared by Sandeep Kumar. All the successful and lead bloggers in a single post with their secret tips ,… its amazing !! But you missed many pro bloggers and i hope u will post their tips soon. Thanks !!
    Yogendra Sharma recently posted..Facebook Overtakes Mixi Social Network in Japan with 15 Million Active UsersMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Yogendra bro for your feedback about my article. I’ll cover more bloggers and probloggers in my next article.

  8. Kathon Wills:

    SEO is one of the most important, effective and cost effective method of internet marketing.

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Kathon for visiting my blog and sharing your feedback about my article.

  9. Khaja moin:

    Sandeep that`s very good idea dude!
    Excellent tips from all bloggers. thanks for sharing such a helpful post with us.

    Khaja moin recently posted..52 Dofollow Blogs List to CommentMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Khaja bro for sharing your motivational feedback with us.

  10. Atish:

    Thats great Sandeep. Loved to read other blogger’s tips. thanks for the kind mention.

    But I am still missing the one more SEO expert’s Top 2 tips i.e. You Sandeep.
    Atish recently posted..Buy or Build: In Depth Analysis of How to Get the Best Gaming PCMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Atish bro for your fantastic comment.
      I am on 7th heaven after reading your comment (SEO Expert) 🙂
      Bro this article was for a change…..My readers wanted something new and interesting.
      I contacted to my respected bloggers friends and they suggested me to create an article which cover all successful bloggers point of view about SEO.

      Thanks for giving your time and valuable inputs about SEO.

  11. Aditi:

    Hi Sandeep,
    These two tips are highly beneficial for all the SE Optimizers. Well, I have been a supportive follower of Ileane Smith and Amit Shaw and I truly like the SEO tips as shared by them. I am sure it would be helpful. Thanks for the share!!

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Aditi for sharing your feedback about my article. I do follow and respect all the bloggers mentioned above. They have given their valuable Time and inputs for this article.

  12. Amrik Virdi:

    Hi Sandeep!

    Thanks for mentioning my name. As Rahul said don’t write a single word before choosing your best keyword. Apart from that content quality matters a lot. Lastly, Building some quality backlinks from authoritative blogs can drive boost in traffic.

    Good luck!
    Amrik Virdi recently posted..Email List – Bigger The Better?My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Amrik bro…. I was eagerly waiting for your comment. I do agree that ‘Content is King’.
      if your content is not good then no SEO tips or Tricks can work for you.

  13. Shivani:

    Nice tips by all. Thanks Sandeep for mentioning all tips and tricks of all experts.

    • sandeep:

      Welcome Shivani on my blog. Thanks for sharing your valuable comment with us.

  14. Anup Kayastha:

    Nice one. Like like the way you present the tips what some bloggers are following. I’ll follow some of them too 🙂

    Anup Kayastha recently posted..How I Sold Over 500+ Copies of My eBook In Just 3 MonthsMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Hi Anup thanks for appreciating my article. These Tips are proven tips so you will definitely get benefit from it.

      • Anup Kayastha:

        My pleasure, Sandeep! I see some bloggers are following keyword density SEO tips. What would be the best WP plugin that automatically analyze keyword density?

        Anup Kayastha recently posted..How I Sold Over 500+ Copies of My eBook In Just 3 MonthsMy Profile

        • Amit Shaw:

          For Keyword Density I will Recomend to use SEOPressor or Easy WP-SEO.
          Its really Aweosme Plugin. I am using both and working fine for my 4 Sites.
          Amit Shaw recently posted..15 Types of SEO Tools You Should Be UsingMy Profile

          • sandeep:

            Thanks Amit bro for sharing your expert Tips here… have added value to my article by sharing your Tips here.

  15. Ehsan Ullah:

    Rahul Kuntala and Amrik Virdi both are inspiration for me and they helped me a lot all the time. They are my best blogging buddies and I always follow their advices, BTW I only like Rahul’s and Amrik’s tips from this list.

    Here my tip: Focus on getting backlinks to your homepage until you get good PR and after than write a great post focusing on particular keyword and than build backlinks by guest blogging on that post with specific keyword to get 1st rank. You’ll see great results and this is what Derek Halper and many other my favorite bloggers are doing. This is what I’m doing too, It’s secret for me, not a tip.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Do You Blog About The Topic Which You Love?My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Ehsan bro for your detail comment and excellent SEO Tips.

  16. Academic Projects:

    hi sandeep thanks for this grate post on SEO.I found it very useful for me.
    Academic Projects recently posted..Download project report on Factory Automation SystemMy Profile

  17. PrIyAnGsHu:

    Nice to hear from these awesome guys. Their SEO tips will surely be helpful for the newbie bloggers. Thanks for this excellent share Sandeep.

    • sandeep:

      Hi Prlyangshu… Thanks for sharing your feedback bro. I am happy to see that you liked my article.

  18. Sai:

    I’m very happy to see my co- bloggers and mates here, Every tip shared here is very valuable. Thanks for the collection..
    Sai recently posted..5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with Android AppsMy Profile

  19. Shalu Sharma:

    Nice tips from top bloggers. I suppose I am not a top blogger but anyhow here’s my 2 paisa worth of SEO tips.
    Mine would have been to use keywords in headlines and use H1, H2 and H3 tags (also suggested by Harneet Bhalla).
    So here’s something off my head
    1. Always have social media buttons so that it can be shared by others specially the 3 most important ones,Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
    2. Use an image and add an ALT tag to it and add a video to increase the time spent on the website.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Train surfing, India’s extremely stupid sportMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Who said your are not a top blogger Shalu ….? You are a great blogger who is introducing Indian heritage to rest of the world.
      Thanks for sharing such interesting and useful information through your blog.

      Thanks you very much for sharing 2 paisa SEO Tips that value for Thousands of Dollars

  20. Praveen Rajarao:

    Hello Sandeep – This is a nice summary of the top SEO specialists around. I do follow some of them and Atish is in regular touch with me, helping me with my blog and lots of tips and tricks (which he is famous for) to improve my blog.

    Good read.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Email privacy – the new recycling bin-sniffing for journalistsMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Praveen bro for your valuable comment.Atish is a wonderful Man… whenever I ping him he is available to help me. He is really very hardworking blogger…..

    • Atish:

      Thanks Praveen for your kind words. It means a lot.

  21. Nishant Srivastava:

    Hi Sandeep ,
    After Reading this post, I think keyword research is the key for all top bloggers, and guest Blogging is the second ,Thanks These are the awesome Tips thanks for Sharing such a wonderful information with us..
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..What kind of Blogger are You?My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Nishant for your comment bro…..

  22. Main Uddin:

    Good list but i am not happy with his list due to a lots well known establish bloggers are absent here .This type list may be cause of downfall of online community building process .
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    • sandeep:

      Hi Uddin… thanks for your feedback bro….
      I agree that very big names are not there but I wrote this article for two purpose.

      1- Presenting SEO Tips in different mode.
      2- I want to high light those names which is doing really hard word to make a dent in blogging sphere.

      and who knows we will get next Darren Browse from the above list.

  23. Janmejaya:

    Great list. But seo by yoast plugin is working like skyrocket, while after i moving to WordPress then i realize the power of yoast plugin to compare to other plugins. Thanks for sharing the great list.
    Janmejaya recently posted..5 Discussing Tips to become a sucessful Social Sites RockerMy Profile

  24. abhishek:

    gr8 post 🙂 helps a lot to some newbies like me.
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks mahaveer bro for visiting my article and sharing your views about this article.

  26. Guppu Boss:

    Nice tips. every one has its own tips but one should stick to only one method to get success
    Guppu Boss recently posted..20 New Beautiful iPhone 5 Cases/Covers you would Like to BuyMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Gappu bro for sharing your feedback about my article. You are right one should give time to specific method as SEO takes time to show results.

  27. katherin:

    Its a different post..its always great get the tips from successful made this post with excellent stuff..thanks for sharing..

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Katherin for sharing your feedback and appreciating my effort.

  28. Michael Belk:

    I respect most of these bloggers and they all offer some good points. Very good job covering their thoughts. This is a unique method, I like it. It is not an interview but they offer their opinions. thanks
    Michael Belk recently posted..Reader’s trust is very important to bloggers. How do you gain the trust of your readers?My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Michael for your detailed and motivational comment. I really like your comment bro.

  29. vivek:

    Sandeep you also good blogger then why not your tips and tricks and i think that if you want to come up with in a search write from heart which means after reading the post you should also feel that yeah i have written a good article..

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Vivek for putting appreciating words for me. Bro I’ll definitely share my own SEO tips in my next article.

  30. pawan:

    Very helpful and surely helps newbies to understand the basic of SEO.

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Pawan for visiting my blog and sharing your feedback with us. Looking for more visit from you bro.

  31. techmell:

    Sandeep I am expecting quality answer from you. What is the best time for making backlinks for my individual posts? I mean should i wait to rank it good by itself or should i make backlinks of the articles, on the same time when they are published on my blog?
    techmell recently posted..How To Install Windows 8 on MacMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Hi Bro… There is no hard and fast rule for it. I would suggest start it from day one as son as you published your post as it help it to be on top in SERP.
      Google give preference to freshness on news as well so if your article get backlink as soon as it got published then you will have two advantage freshness and backlink both that will boost your article ranking.

  32. sclemmons:

    Hi sandeep,

    Well i always in the search of famous and successful bloggers tips and iam sure that i have got some new tips after reading your post. thanks

  33. shankar dev:

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    seo optimiation is also important but content should be great
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      Thanks Sathish for your valuable feedback. I’ll try my best to provide more and more such useful articles in future as well.

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    It does work, but I find the more I think about it the more I try to write for the engines.
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    • sandeep:

      THanks Sarfraz for your feedback bro. These guys are awesome… they have made their own way to success and have put lots of hardwork in establishing their blog.

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