Tips to write a Search Engine Friendly and Eye Catching Title

What is the most important part of your article that can bring tons of traffic easily? It is the ‘Title’ of your article.

In an interview you can win your half battle with your first impression of confidence, your clothes and your posture. Same thing applies with ‘Title’ of your article; if it is catchy, short and easy to read then it motivates the visitor to read your article and if it is a plain sentence then your visitor moves on to another article.

So ‘Title’ works as first impression for your article.

You can create crispy, eye-catching and attractive titles by using below magical words.

 How to write attractive Title for article, How to write search engine friendly and user friendly eye catching Title for your post, Where to put Keyword in Title

List of Top X _______________________________________

e.g. – List of Top 10 earning blogs.


Tips to ____________ (Solution to a problem) ____________

E.g. Tips to improve your Alexa Rank.


How To ____________ (Implement solution to a problem) ___

E.g. How to improve page load speed.


X Things you don’t know about _________________________

e.g. 10 Things you don’t know about Genesis Framework.


X Ways __________ (To achieve a goal) ___________________

e.g. 5 Ways to improve your blog loading speed.


X Most Popular ______________________________________

e.g. 5 most popular social networking apps for your Android phone.


There are three types of bloggers in this world

  1. Bloggers who writes for Readers only.
  2. Bloggers who writes for Search Engines only.
  3. Bloggers who writes intelligently for readers and Search Engines both.

I am trying to develop myself as third type of blogger, so that I can please my readers and Search Engines in a single shot.

Above tips help you to create an eye catching Title for your post. Eye-catching Titles are required for Human (your readers) but what about search engine? It doesn’t have eyes J

  1. To create a Search Engine friendly ‘Post Title’ you just need to follow these tips:-
  2. Put your main keyword (keywords) at the starting of your Title.
  3. Keep your Title length within the permitted character limit specified by the most of Search Engine (60-70 Characters).
  4. Think like a user to get best possible search engine friendly Title.

E.g. if your laptop is not starting then what you would like to search in search engine

Most probably – “Toshiba laptop is not starting” or “What to do if Laptop is not starting”.

Use Google auto complete Suggestions to get most searched ‘Keyword Phrase’ to create a search engine friendly Title.

Suggested Title Format from SEOBLOGGERSTIPS

Option1 – Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword | Brand Name

E.g. Top 10 SEO Tips to get tons of traffic from Google | SEO Bloggers Tips


Option2 – Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword

E.g. Tips to Make Money online using your blog


Option3 – Brand Name | Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword

E.g. SEO Bloggers Tips | Top 10 SEO Tips to get tons of traffic from Google


Note – Brand name is optional and its usage depends on your business model.

Your Post Title must have four basic qualities to be an attractive Title –

  1. It must be relevant to your article.
  2. It must be easy to read and understand.
  3. It must create a curiosity in reader’s mind.
  4. It must be complete.

Killer SEO Tips- Title tag has most value when it comes to ranking in Search Engine. Exact match Title always get top ranking (If there are hundreds of exact match Title for a single keyword phrase then other factors also play important roles).

Note- Avoid keyword stuffing in ‘Title’ tag.

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  1. chandan:

    nice article sandeep but how did you chose such a awesome featured image for that one 😛
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks Chandan for your comment bro….In the bottom of article I have added the link to image. I usually download images from there only.

      • Olawale Daniel:

        Great post title writing tips. It is advised that we should spend more time coming up with the title of a post than the time spent in writing them because title will help a long way. Thanks for sharing these great tips.
        Olawale Daniel recently posted..Google Rankings: Factors that Affect SERPS & SolutionMy Profile

        • sandeep:

          Thanks Olawale bro for your valuable comment. keep visiting my blog.

        • Koj T. Tajo:

          Hey You are right Olwale, that is what exactly happened to me. I wrote couple of my post with titling it. It took me so much time and then one with naming the title first helped me to write the post very naturally.
          And Sandeep, I too would love be the Third type of Blogger, writing both for Readers and Search Engines. Now I am being able to write only for Human. 🙂 Bookmarked it
          Koj T. Tajo recently posted..How My Girl Friend Helped Me to Rank No.1 on Google.My Profile

          • Koj T. Tajo:

            Hey Olwale and Sandeep kindly read – the two post I wrote without titling it. You see the unnecessary urgency of a newbie blogger. 🙂

      • chandan:

        no iam talking about choice cake with a flair how did that came to your mind while writing about seo title 😛
        chandan recently posted..Best Five techniques to Earn More Money As a FreelancerMy Profile

        • sandeep:

          Actually Chandan I thought that article is about creating eye catching Title to attract readers by first impression of Title so I decided to pick an image that can attract people through first look…..and my Cake image is doing the same as expected from it.

  2. PrIyAnGsHu:

    Hi Sandeep, these are some really good examples of search engine friendly as well as attractive titles. Thanks for sharing this awesome post buddy.

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Priyangshu for visiting my article and sharing your comment.

  3. Bhavesh:

    sandeep article is really good. it really helpful for me …thanks for sharing……!!!!!!
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  4. Ashwani Ahlawat:

    That’s superb dude. The post is really unique. I’ll mind your every tip mentioned regarding Titles on my every new post I Publish.

    Well I also seen your blog loads really fast. Please mention some Bonus and effective tips to speed the blog load time if possible.

    Thanks ! Keep Posting the Killer tips mate. 🙂
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  5. Aditi:

    Yes Sandeep, I must agree with your post. An appropriate and attractive title definitely value to your site. Relevant and attractive title do attracts a lot of visitors to it. I like the four basic qualities of a title that you have enlisted in your post. This is true but at the same time, I feel content should also be fresh and unique. This is important too. Thanks for the update!!

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Aditi for sharing your comment with us.
      You are absolutely correct Aditi that content must be fresh+Unique+useful
      but this post was talking about the first impression of an article and Title is most important when we talk about first impression.

  6. bloom tools:

    thanks for these really useful points. having interesting and relevant title is really important as having quality content in that title. a nice and an informative post.

    • sandeep:

      Thanks for sharing your views about the article.

  7. akhilendra:

    Awesome post, really great insight and damn good information. Writing appropriate titles is an art and with this information, it will be definitely easy for us to do it.
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks Akhilendra for visiting my blog and sharing your valuable comment.

  8. Ehsan Ullah:

    I always use eye catchy title for my posts. The best way to make headline more catchy is to use sub-headlines.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Starting a Blog – How To Start a Blog GuideMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Ehsan bro for your valuable comment.

  9. Nishant:

    Really awesome tipsYour way of presenting this article is awesome really found very useful information the way you put blank space and after that example that is really awesome…very helpful post…
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks Nishant bro…..I am really happy to see that you liked my article.

  10. shankar dev:

    hi sandeep,
    yes, Title is the key that we have to keep with us always. Being a content developer i know how important it is. Making a post that reflects the same thoughts of Title is much important than just making a effective Title with unrelated or dissatisfying post. If you can’t able to satisfy the readers, loosing valuable traffic is what the result. I’m missing some of your tips while making titles but not from now. Hey Bro i would like to get some golden tips for writing a eye catchy post through your words.
    Anyway Thanks Bro. Keep Rocking.

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Shankar bro for your appreciating words. I am feeling very energetic after reading your comment.
      I am writing an article that will cover all the aspect of writing a successful article.

  11. Simmeon:

    Hey Sandeep,

    I wrote a post on how people are not giving post titles enough love and attention they need. No point writing a KILLER post but the headline is weak and uninviting. This surely will help may bloggers with this problem, hope it helps everyone.
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  12. Kuladip roy:

    Hi Sandeep how are you ? I fully agree with you that. Title is everything. If someone can’t understand even one word of your title he looses interest to read your article. Using eye catching title you can attract your viewers.

    • sandeep:

      Hey Kuladip bro… I am fine Thank you…. and thanks for supporting my words in your comment

  13. Shalu Sharma:

    I think you have done a very good job of describing how to write a search engine friendly and eye catching title both at the same time. Makes perfect sense to please both the user and the search engines alike. At the moment anything with numbers in it does well in search engines. Online writing is a craft that is different to other forms of writing.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..A brief travel guide to GoaMy Profile

    • sandeep:

      Thanks Shalu Ji for your appreciation and yes I do agree that adding numbers in titles also add value in terms of SEO

  14. Mairaj Pirzada:

    Here’s what I do to make my post titles Eye-Catching simply to follow following;

    #1 Make it a question (because, most search questions to get them answered)
    #2 Get ideas for titles, by taking yourself as a searcher of a particular article. Like, what you’d search if you’re about to increase alexa rank?
    Sure, you’ll HOW TO INCREASE ALEXA RANK? So, do I am.

    BTW, tips you’ve written above are not less and are worth reading that I love reading.

    Anyway, I’d like to ask a question; Is it essential to get keywords for every post you’ve written?
    Mairaj Pirzada recently posted..10 Qualities to Learn from Probloggers – Learn Awesome!My Profile

    • sandeep:

      Hi Mairaj… Thanks for sharing your own Tips about Title. Your Tips have added value to my article bro.
      sandeep recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Plugin at 75% discountMy Profile

      • Mairaj Pirzada:

        But, didn’t get the answer of question. I asked in last.
        Mairaj Pirzada recently posted..Become a Commenting Rockstar with My 7 Tips!My Profile

        • sandeep:

          Hi Mairaj….

          Blogging is all about Writing Quality Content + Promotion + SEO so that more and more people reach to your blog.

          As every article must be of high quality and every article must be promoted properly …same is apply with SEO.
          You must optimize your each article and as we all know that Title has most important part in search algorithm so it is very important to focus on it.

          Keyword is backbone of SEO so you cannot skip keyword if you want to optimize your article.

          I hope it is the answer of your question.
          sandeep recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Plugin at 75% discountMy Profile

  15. Richard:

    Hi Sandeep,
    Great tips on the title writing and really learn a lot esp the ‘Suggested Title Format’.. Should really start implementing the vertical bar (|) in my title format..

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  16. Sony Goraya:

    Really great tips to follow! thanks a lot man for sharing

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    I am happy to see you here again with a great post. I liked the way in which you have explained it and the post too. In fact every blogger should keep these title formats in his/her mind before writing a post. Thanks bro……….
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks Neeraj for your kind words bro…..

  18. Guppu Boss:

    Nice tips. I don’t much focus on post title. I just enter my main keyword that’s all nothing much while writing post title
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  19. Techboy Rocky:

    Really superb post regarding have a eye catching title..If a blogger pays attention to title of each and every post he is making on his blog then he will be definitely able to get success…..It is very much necessary to focus on writing titles in a way which search engines like as you have mentioned in this post..

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  20. Gaori Agrawal:

    Very useful tips, Sandeep…With plugins like commentluv, post titles have become all the more important. If you have the right title, you can get more clicks for your article…thanks for sharing!

    • sandeep:

      Hi Gaori…welcome to my blog.
      Thanks for sharing your comment and Tips about commentLuv. I’ll definitely add this in my next article.

  21. sheshnath:

    Hi sandeep,
    Its really an impressive post and tips. These tips are surely going to help me create good title to attract readers to read my article. 🙂
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  22. Osho Garg:

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  23. Prasant:

    Worth reading the same . One should really invest on making a eye catching title as that is the main reason for bounce rate … But sandeep sir one suggestion your image and post are clashing . May be u can look into that

    • sandeep:

      Hi Prasant Thankd for your comment bro….
      Bro how Image and post are clashing can you please give me a hint so that i can make changes accordingly.

      My reason to choose this image is – Post is all about creating eye catching Title with flavour of optimization. Same thing my image is doing.
      It is eye catching as Cake is like by everyone.

  24. Chris:

    Hi Saandep, thanks for your tips. “How tos” work great for me.
    If I can choose only one option, the 1st one is the best: Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword | Brand Name (but sometimes without secondary keyword).
    Brand name should be the last part in title (for SEO purposes of course 😉 )
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    • Sandeep Kumar:

      Thanks Chris bro for your comment and your preferred option.

  25. mahfooz:

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    very nice tips. We should care about the Title length. Google only allows 60 characters with spaces. So try to write the title within this limit. If you will exceed the limit then Google will truncate the exceeded part.
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    • sandeep:

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  28. Enstine Muki:

    Impressive education on post titles. The title is like the door to your blog. Poor titles means shot doors for both human visitors and SE. As you point out, you must be able to properly use your keywords and still make sense in your title.
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    • sandeep:

      Thanks Muki for your valuable comment bro… Keep visiting my blog

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  32. Mohammed Abdullah Khan:

    Hi Sandeep,

    First thing I like from this article was “you used most of the catchy keywords in your body field as an example for explaining us”.

    – As you said “do not stuff with Title Tag” and I would say the same thing because recently I read in Google’s Official Blog declaring NO CLOAKING (showing one set of content to humans and a different set to Google-bot or search engines). As this would result in bad SEO and also lead in permanent ban from Google Search Engine.

    Thanks for the awesome tips and I really appreciate your hard work 🙂 .
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    • sandeep:

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  39. Avinash:

    Great post ever (Y) I really enjoyed reading your article and it is superb, even Google will also enjoy reading your post.
    I’d prefer- “Option3 – Brand Name | Magical Word – Primary keyword –Secondary keyword”and generally i select my post title as per Option 3.

    Good going bro..all the best.
    Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂
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  40. Akos Fintor:

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    A title can make or brake a whole post.
    It has to resonate with the prospect’s struggle.
    It’s gotta push on their hot button where they say to themselves: Holly cow! I gotta check this out. I need this! I want this. And I wan it now!

    very good insight, Sandeep!
    Keep ’em coming, my man!

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  43. Sandip Bhagat:

    Title determines the whole post and same is the thing that is going to be clicked by visitors and get huge traffic. It should be little bit different and unique than others
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