Google Webmaster Tool – Difference between page Impression and Page View

Today I was browsing one the Facebook group and noticed one ‘Interesting and valuable question’ asked by one of the member. Question was

What is the difference between ‘Page Impression’ and ‘Page View’?”

At first look question seems to be very simple and give an impression that ‘page impression’ and ‘page view’ both are same but they are not.

Page Impression

‘Page impression’ represents, how many number of times your link appear in search result when someone search for a keyword that match with your article keywords.

Let me explain in you in detail – suppose you have an article that is having keyword ‘SEO Tips’. On a single day 1000 people search for ‘SEO Tips’ keyword and your article is coming in top 10 search result for this keywords then your ‘page Impression’ count will be 1000.

Note- we are not saying that at every time people clicked on your article, it just appear 1000 times in top 10 search results.

Page View

‘Page View’ represents, how many number of times your page has been viewed by someone. It includes all possible sources from where a user can land on your page (direct, referral or search).

Now with the above two definition you can understand that for a single day your ‘Page Impression’ and ‘Page View’ can be different.

It might be possible that 1000 people search for a keyword that match with your article keyword and your page appear on SERP 1000 times but people click on your URL only 500 times in that case your

Page Impression will be = 1000

and your

Page Views will be = 500

Thanks to Facebook group member ‘Chitraparna Sinha’ for asking this question which inspired me to write this article.

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  1. rosylee:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Really nice post. Thank you for providing such a detailed explanation about page impressions and page views. I like your blog. Keep on sharing and i want to know the difference between unique visitors and new visitors. can you provide reply?
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  2. Joel:

    Hey Sandeep Very Impressive and Informative post about pageviews and impressions.You have cleared my doubts.Keep up the good work
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